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New publications

The new MMS publications are now available

  1. On the reasons the term “possible” mitochondrial disease should not be used - in the Journal of Medical Genetics - at this link

  2. On how we formed the US Mitochondrial Disease Care Network - in Molecula rGenetics & Metabolism - at this link

  3. A history of the MMS - in M3 - available at this link

Winter 2018 Newsletter

Launch of the M3 Journal

A new journal, Mitochondrial & Metabolic Medicine (M3) has been launched by the MMS. More information can be found at this link.

Mitochondrial Care Network Launched   

Read more here

Elections 2018

Congratulations to our newly selected officers, instated at the coming June UMDF meeting:

President, Amel Karaa

Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Kay Koenig

Program Chair, Andrea Gropman

Councillors: Patrick Chinnery (Cambridge, UK), Ralitza Gavrilova (Mayo, Rochester, MN), Michaelangelo Mancuso (Pisa, Italy), Fernando Scaglia (Baylor, China)

MMS Board Members, Active Past-Presidents including Amy Goldstein and Sumit Parikh

Announcement and Application for the Pilot Phase of the Mitochondrial Care Network (link to announcement and application)

Publication and Project Update

  • The MMS is working on reclassifying the diagnosis of "Possible" Mitochondrial Disease. More to come in 2019

  • The MMS has developed Preventative Care Guidelines for patients with Mitochondrial Disease. The publication is in Genetics in Medicine and available here.

  • Formal treatment guidelines for the Management of stroke in MELAS are now available at JAMA Neurology. For more information, click here.

  • The MMS has looked at Solid-organ transplant outcomes in primary mitochondrial disease. The publication is available here

  • Mitochondrial Case Studies, a clinician friendly review of the presentations, differential, pathophysiology and treatment approaches of some of the most common (and some uncommon) mitochondrial diseases is now available on Elsevier. The editors include several of the past-Presidents of the MMS with chapters written by MMS members. See more at this link.

  • The MMS North American Consensus Criteria for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mitochondrial Disease are now available in the journal Genetics in Medicine. Click here to see more.

Mitochondrial Global Networks

The Mitochondrial Medicine Society is pleased to offer a live Google map

of the Mitochondrial Global Networks. Go to the Clinics tab to see more.

Fellowship in Mitochondrial Medicine

The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium (NAMDC) fellowship is soliciting applications. Read more here